Restaurant Naturalliving

“Flavour by Nature” are the words that stand behind the restaurant that will amaze you by the way it mixes both taste and health in one meal.

We are all up for fresh and unprocessed products and we have the solution for those who seek a healthy meal with an easy digestion. Ideal for those that practises any kind of physical activity, for those who are constantly late and in need of a quick and healthy snack from fresh fruits to overnights or even a cup of gelatine.





Come and taste some of our recipes:

  • Cold Soup with orange, carrots and ginger;
  • Cabbage bundles with seitan;
  • Vegetable burger with spices;
  • Vegie Francesinha

We’re waiting for your visit, knowing that you won’t regret it.

More Info

The Restaurant Naturalliving fills the gap left by the vast majority of the restaurants, because it provides a large number of healthy options alongside with professionals that can advise and help you achieve your goals.

Ocasionally at Naturalliving we organize Vegie Cousine Workshops, where you’ll be able to learn simple recepies, tips and ideas that will improve both your cooking as well as eating experience.

Aside from the restaurant in the Hotel, we also have two other Naturalliving restaurants, one in Évora and the other in Chiado – Lisbon.